Monday, April 7, 2008

I Am Loved!!!

Most of my friends here are telling me that i am very lucky for having my dear wonderful husband. It is very seldom that American guy will eat Filipino food and one of that is my husband. He doesn't complain what i cook and he is eating them and he keeps telling me that i feed him too much that's why no matter how he tried to lose his weight still he is big and cannot resist the food that i prepare for him. Of course i love him and will do everything just to make him satisfy of my love for him.

Anyway, i am telling you all these because i am just thankful that hubby loves me and i feel that i am truly blessed. He is a perfect better half for me and he said the same thing to me. He is keep telling me over and over that he is very grateful and thankful because he found me as his wife and will keep me for the rest of his life. Every time he say that to me i feel like i am floating in the air and i feel so light maybe because his words for me are very lovely and makes me wanna fly lol! Oh i am LOVED!!!


Merydith said...

Hahaha of course Darl uy. Ryan loves eating everything except of course the dried fish. Anyways, have you thought of getting broadband sa Pilipinas Darl for your internet connection. It is not much then paspas sad. Gipatauran nako akong mga manghud kay magsige man ug internet cafe for school. Anyways, hope your feeling well today.

Beth said...

My husband eats anything I cook too , except dried fish and sardines with egg lol ..