Thursday, April 3, 2008

Canvas Photos

Hubby bought me a digital photo frame last Valentines day and i love it because i can store lots of photos in there and in just one frame you can see all the photos we have and we'll just plug it and it will keep going. But i want something else than what i got. I have been telling this to hubby that we definitely need a family portrait with our son. So he said that since i am pregnant we might as well wait until the baby girl will come out because this will be the last baby we're going to have. And it will be more nice if we are complete with the family portrait that we are going to have.

So i looked here in the internet of the best website where i can have our nicest family portrait and i am very happy when i found the best one. I can choose a lot of style that i want for our family portrait. But the family portrait is the best that i want to have. I love the canvas photos and this makes me wanting more to have this done soon as i deliver the baby. This would be the best treasure we are going to have with my small yet very happy family. Kids will grow so fast and we've got to have some remembrance while they are still young as much as we can so we can show them how cute they are when they are young.

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