Monday, April 14, 2008

First Spring As Family

Watching our old photos makes me feel so alive because i can see how our family growing and our relationship with hubby is growing even more. As you see on these photos, our son is not even a year old. This is the first spring we have had here in our house as a happy small family. Hubby is so sweet because he picked spring blossoms flowers and gave it to me. These was taken at our backyard, we just barely got back from a long walk and had some snaps right after.


texas_sweetie said...

oi ka maau ninyo diha wa nay tugnaw mamu..d lagi daku tan awn imong tiyan ani nga pic? pero in fairness nahan kos imong cargo pants.ako na nya na ha ug madunot na?
green au ang sagbot oh

lira said...

ka-sweet oi..

Ivy Sterling said...

wow ka dako ug smile nimo mamu happy gyud kaau..awa gud ang ngisi oh abot sa dalungan.