Friday, April 18, 2008


My father in law used to have small buttons cellphones and he's having hard time to make a call because sometimes he hits the wrong button and call someone else instead. So either hubby or me or his other children helps him to make a call using his cellphones and we keep telling him to replace the cellphone he is using so he can have the better one and he won't need any help from us no more. He is getting old and if he doesn't have his glasses with him, it will be next to impossible to use his cellphone to make a call to someone he wants to talk to.

Anyway, when i was searching about cellhpones i happen to bumped in this Jitterbug website that offers the best cellphones and excellent service for the seniors to use. This would be perfect to use for my father in law indeed. He will be more comfortable using this Jitterbug because he can see better the buttons because it is larger for him to see that he is going to push and he can have the great service ever. So this is the right one for him not the other kinds that gives him headache most of the times. Seniors should have the special treatment and i am glad that Jitterbug is doing their job for these senior people.

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jennyr said...

i'm thinking of buying this for my parents kay mga daut natug mga mata and aside from that, very easy to use . wla na kaau etse buretse that they don't need!hehehehe!