Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Getting Harder

As my tummy gets bigger and bigger, it's getting harder for me as well. I can still remember so well that this is how i feel when i had my son. My tummy is now obviously showing off and the baby inside is moving more and more. I love it when she moves and let me feel that she is awake inside and maybe doing something silly. She is not that active unlike my son, it's true that boys do a lot of movements than girls.

But as my situation gets more harder for me, my son wants me to carry him like before which i cannot do it no more because it will be too much for me to hold him while i am having big bulging tummy hanging out. I keep explaining it to him that i cannot do no more some things that i used to do to him. He is a quite smart boy, he understands mommy but sometimes it's normal for a kid to be hard headed, it just depends on me how to handle the situation when he gets cranky and being so demanding sometimes. But later on i am sure he will learn that he's no longer the only baby in the family, he is going to have a little sister as additional of our small yet happy family.


claire said...

for sure, your kid will understand. i had those feelings too when i was preggy with my second son. i even thought my panganay would get jealous of his brother, but whenever he noticed my tummy getting bigger, he just said, "andyan kapatid ko"... and when he finally saw his little bro, he was all smiles :)

JOY said...

Hi Darlene..musta ang preggy..bloghopping hehe

simplymama said...

Dai, ibilin lang na c MD akoy bantay para naa kaduwa c ken. Have a wondeful day.