Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keep Coming Money!

How come i feel so lucky lately? i've got a lot of offers to do and i thought that the other website is not gonna give me anymore offers but hey! Right here, i got so many offers to grab right now that's why i am such in hurry to make some interims finish before all the offers will disappear on me. I am very blessed this day and i wanna thank all these to the Big Boss above for giving me so much blessings, thank you GOD! I won't be able to do this without your permission and i am very thankful. I know thanking you is not enough but this is all i can do for now.

1 comment:

mama meji said...

Wow. Great news! I've been meaning to reply to your comment about meeting up sooner but I just don't have your email add. As much as I would love to meet up with fellow bloggers, I'm afraid I cannot do so because I'm currently based in Cagayan de Oro. But when you are in CDO and I am free, I'll surely see you. Regards.