Friday, April 18, 2008

What A Boring Day!

Friday is really boring for me you know, not much going on and i woke up so early hoping that i could get some money online to post, but i failed. There's hardly nothing and it's just makes me sleepy sitting here in the computer doing nothing and trying to amuse myself by searching different kinds of videos and pictures that i can take a look at. But sometimes it makes me wanna go sleep because i have no one to talk to and the room is so quiet here. Only me and my dear son are making noise here inside the house, mostly my son. All i hear from me is the tapping of my keyboard. Hayyyy! Life! What am i gonna do to make me feel alive now? lol!

1 comment:

jennyr said...

boring days and lazy days could always strike me anytime,hehehe! glad i've got my kiddos to keep me awake,hahaha!