Friday, April 18, 2008

Health Hazard

Eating raw food can be good or bad sometimes. I am aware of that because i have been searching lots of informations through website and i know that this Gulf oysters is one of the food we should consider to be aware of. I know that most of us do love to eat oyster especially when it's raw, but eating raw oyster can be bad to our health. I myself love seafood so much and oyster is one of my favorite but i am making sure that it's not gonna be hazard to my health. I am telling you all this for you to be aware of this matter and be informed what could cause you eating raw oyster.


Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

i was tempted to do this opp.. hahaha.. i been trying to make my hubby do the video but he wont do it..

anyway, i have a tag for you on my blog.. hope you can grab it..

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jennyr said...

well done girl! bilib ko sa imong guts...ako mopass nalang ko aning mga videos,lol!