Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Party Is Done

Finally the party is over but i am a little disappointed because most of the guests that i invited to come over didn't come due to they have their own reasons why they didn't come. But anyway, i am also happy on the other hand because even though the other guests wasn't able to make it, my closest friends here in town made it. They have many cute gifts for the baby girl and i really love all of them.

Right now i am really tired because i prepared all the food and i cleaned the house. Good thing hubby is really helpful to me, he did some the house chores that i cannot do. So i might go to bed right after this entry gets done. My eyes is starting to hurt and it's telling me that it's time for me to go to bed. So see you all tomorrow fellow bloggers and may you all have a goodnight sleep tonight. God bless!


Ivy Sterling said...

Kalooy ba sa akong mega oi, sus ug na duol pa ko diha tabangan ta gyud ka ug tabangan diay ug limpyo ug luto lol! pakit-a unya me sa picture ha..picture lang intawn amoa ani harhar.

The Author said...

WOW! Dili man kaau diri uso babyshower Darl's talagsa ra kaau duh! Ako wala baby shower uy sa diha nako ka anakins, lol.

Basin next time kay I made some few friends naman pud. Wa man sad kaau ko miga then sahi ra gyud basta pinay ang ka party kay enjoy to the max man.

At least naay niabot and uban hehehehe.

Congrats again!

claire said...

congrats on the baby shower, darlene! :)