Friday, April 11, 2008

Mothers Are Very Special

Mothers are considered as saints, without them, we won't be existed to this very wonderful world. That's why i am very proud to myself when i became a mother, and it happened during mother’s day which is really a true gift from above. It is just unexplainable feelings that no one can describe, not even a single word can express how it feels to be a mother. I always cherish every moment being with my son and i am loving it. Being a mother is you can do everything for your children, no matter how hard it is or no matter how pain you are going to undergo, that won't hinder you from doing something just for you children's good.

I remember when i was just a little girl how my mother did so much hardwork just to raise us so good and well mannered. That's why i am trying to copy what she did to us her children because i realize that what she tried to do is just to make us a better person now. And i am hoping that i will be a good mother like her, i am idolizing how she raised us and how she took care of us so well. Being a mother is not very easy indeed but it's very rewarding when you see your children happy and contented the love that you give them. So to those who love their mother so much, why don't you give her a sweet surprise or a perfect presents this coming mother’s day? Send her beautiful flowers from 1800Flowers to make her smile! With that, you are going to make her happy and all the hard work she did just for you is paid off. Or you can join this "Celebrate Mom For Who She Is Contest" so it will be more exciting for you to celebrate the mother's day special!

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