Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Under The Table

This is my son under our dining table. He was not a year old on this photo and he can already stand and grab things like a spider. He was hiding from mommy but mommy still found him. He is so cute in this photo isn't he? This is just one of my treasured photos that i captured. I've got tons of cute photos of my son and they are all kept in my CD so i can show them to him when he's grown up already.


Indrani said...

You have a cute child. Enjoy these years, they fly very fast.

Chenchelle said...

Is he taller than the table now? Lol. If he isn't yet, he will soon be. Kids grow up fast. :)

texas_sweetie said...

hala ka gamaya pa MD ani mamu oi cute kaau daku katawa.hehe nice jud mag tago photos sa? lami balik balikan tan aw


Check out mine too!

1 minute faces

Pamela said...

Indeed -- he is a precious gift. Oh the sweet memories in a sparkling eye and a genuine smile.

crazy working mom said...

Now that's too cute! :)

Thanks for stopping by. Happy WW.

Karen said...

Aww! What a cutie!

I'm stopping by this blog to see both of your WW's. :-)

I live in Utah too! I'm in North Ogden.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed after viewing many photos of your boy you've posted that he has got this smile that reminds me of something. But I couldn't put to mind what it was.

Today I got it!! He reminds me of Micky Mouse!!! In the good way of course. He makes me smile just by seeing his smile :) He's one kid I'll love to photograph!!!

Natalie said...


Heart of Rachel said...

Another sweet priceless memory.