Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MCSE Training

Truly nowadays people are more into internet world. A lot of new graduate students wants to take up an IT majors so they can explore more about internet and they will study more what technology can offer to people. Just like my two cousins, they are now taking up IT majors and they are learning so much about it. I considered myself hooked up to internet because i am into blogging and this makes me occupied so much everyday. Anyway, i am talking about internet because i would like to share you all this MCSE training that you will surely get interested of if you are one like me, and if you are taking up the major about IT technology. And i am sure that you will learn a whole lot of things on this seminar that i am referring to.

Got My Glasses

I got my glasses now and i am very glad i finally got my own glasses because i can now see very clear in a distance. It's a little awkward for me at first though because i never wore glasses before. But now i am trying to get use to it because i have to and so that i can see better. I am really having trouble reading in distance and i am a little worried for our trip if i don't have these glasses with me and i cannot read what's inside in the airport. Plus i have to keep an eye of my son and he might run away from me and it's hard for me to look for him without the help of this glass. So i am very thankful now that i finally got these glasses.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

My mother wants me to buy her a anti wrinkle cream so to protect her from sun rays and makes her skin looks younger and healthier. It is good for her to have the cream because back home, she will get all the pollutions from air, water and dust in her surroundings. So i bought her couple of them and she is glad that soon as she apply the anti wrinkle cream in her face she will be safe from any substance that can cause damage to her skin especially to her face. She is not young no more and she has to have extra care for her skin enable for her to look good still and not saggy.

Getting Eyeglasses

I just barely got back from my appointment with my eye doctor and he gave me a prescription so i can avail my glasses. Since we don't have a very good eye care center here in town, hubby wants to take me to another big city which is 30 miles away from here where we live and get my glasses within just hours. If i get my glasses here in town, it will take a week before i can get it and i cannot have that because i will be leaving on Monday and i need to take that glasses with me enable for me to see better in far distant place. My eyes are no longer useful to look in distance if i am not wearing corrections. Right now i am wearing my contact lens but i would prefer to have the glasses than contact lens because it is a little hassle than eyeglass.

Gaining Page Ranks

Finally this website gained page rank once again. I am just hoping that this page rank will last until for a while. I heard some of my friends that they just barely got their page ranks and now they lost it again, too bad they haven't got the opportunity to use the ranks they gained. I am very happy because all of my blogs gained page ranks and the other 2 remained the same ranks as before. Anyway, this is another blessings i got though and what i get is deeply appreciated by me, i feel so lucky that all of my websites has page ranks and be able to grab more offers.

Business Loan

My uncle in California had just his Business Loan. And he is quite happy because he can now start with his new business and he is very excited about it. He is also glad that he got the loans without hassles and lots of paperworks. He just filed an application and he got the quick approval which is what he really wanted so he can start his new business that he's been planning to start soon as possible. He is excited now and i am very happy for him because his business is growing and i can see progress of what he is trying to do with his business. He said he cannot wait to see his business that will be on the top soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Treat With Daddy

As i was browsing my photos that i got with my collections in my CD i saw these very precious photos of my son when he had a first time dinner just with his daddy. These photos was taken during his first birthday and daddy took his son to burger king and bought him a burger. Daddy was looking at his son while staring at the burger he got for his little young man and he just couldn't help but took some snaps. And here's the photos.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogger Search

Blogger Search is one of the best site where you can find lots of people in blogging world. Different interests and different topics you can talk about. You would surely get interested to this website if you are an active blogger like me. I find this website very informative due to a lot of people sharing their experiences, thoughts and concepts in the internet world. So if you are looking for someone that will get interested to join the forum on your website or you are looking for someone that can relate to your website more, you can find them here in Blogger Search.

Look Who's Tired!

I took these picture of my son the other night while chatting with my family back home. I just gave him a bath on these photos after his big day outside and it is getting late for him that's why he fell asleep on mommy's lap. He looks so precious to mommy's eyes that's why i hurried and took the precious face of my son. Take a look how tired he was in these photos.


One of the most women's weakness is Pearls. I myself love jewelries and it makes me feel more confident as a woman if i wear jewelries especially the pearls because it adds beauty to my personality. My sisters and my mother loves pearl earrings as well and they have some of it that they have been keeping for a long time and been using it once in a while. I do have fancy in jewelry box but i want the most unique and the most beautiful ones. I just couldn't resist the beauty of pearls that makes me feel like i am more beautiful if i am wearing them.

Anyway, if you are one like me, you can buy a different kinds of Pearls whether it is necklace bracelet or whatever you like at The Pearl Outlet. They have everything that woman wants, and if you are a man looking for a best perfect gift for your wife or fiancee`, you can buy these Pearls collections that are not too expensive yet very elegant and rest assured that your love one will surely love it and keep it forever. This is the best offer i have found so far and don't dare miss this opportunity to grab because pearls are not that cheap. This one's is giving you less and the quality is very excellent. Gold and silver are good too but pearl jewelries is more elegant jewelry that you can give to the special woman of your life.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too Excited To See

Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday to all! May you all have a great day today and happy being with your family as supposedly Sunday is exclusively for family time. Anyway, i would like to share my dreams last night about my baby inside me. I dreamed that i already saw her face and she is so red and very chubby cheeks. Maybe i just have too much excitement in me that's why i dreamed my little girl's face. And also i dreamed about my friend's little girl, Anne's daughter, i keep pinching her face because she is cute and so chubby that's why i can't help pinching her chubby cheeks.

Anyway guys i just want to greet you all a happy beautiful Sunday morning and may you all have a great day today! God bless!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Disaster Recovery Plans

Have you experience a disaster but you won't be able to gain your property because you have no extra budget for renovating it? Well, i know that disaster could happen anytime anywhere and for any reasons. just watch the news and you will know a lot of disasters in the world. And so disasters happens, so what can you do about it? Here's the best answer to this problem for a disaster recovery plans. You will be able to get the best up to date informations, softwares and books that where you can find best solutions. So why make the problem worst if you can do something about it to resolve? So go get it now!
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Full And Tight

I can hardly breath right now because i am too full and my tummy is so tight. I been trying not to get full though because this is what i usually feel when i get full. And later on it makes me feel so sleepy and wanna rest but i couldn't because i cannot lie down flat for it would too much for me. This is my second pregnancy and yet i get tired so easy still and i know that it is not just me who feels this way when a woman gets pregnant. I still have 4 more months to wait before she comes out and i hope that before i realize it she will be ready to come out soon.

The Winds of Asharra

I love reading romance novels even when i was just a teenager, it inspires me that love is indeed a true feelings that everyone should feel. When you are inlove, you can do a whole lot of things that you thought you would never do. Even now, i am still inspired to read romance novels when i am idle and about to go to bed. That's why i have lots of collections of pocket novels in our library room. Anyway, i would like to share to some of my visitors here this Homepage for The Winds of Asharra that is one of my favorite novels that i like to read a lot and i would assume that those people that are like me would also love this. It is very interesting and you will find it very inspiring as well.

Paid Blogging Is Good

Paid post blogging is been good to me today even though that i am not sitting here in front of my computer all day trying to get some offers to post. I am glad and thankful to GOD for giving so much blessings, he is really good and He knows what i wanted and what i need the most. In fact i am very happy with my paid post blogging because since i am going home i like to have some savings before i go so i can buy some things there that we need. Also i have to pay some of my bills and this would really help me a whole lot if i get some more offers to post. My glad that opportunities are keep popping up on me this day.

Acne And Scar Treatment

Keeping your face from dirt and from pollutions is indeed difficult to do. That's why there's a lot of over the counter medications and prescriptions that you can get on the pharmacy. But sometimes if you have a very bad acne, you don't want to try those kind of medication because you are thinking that your problem might get worse instead of curing your embarrassing acne. I used to have acne when i was teenager and i really felt so ashamed then to face people because my face was so awful and i remember one time that i didn't want to go out in my room because my problem gotten so worse.

Anyway, i am mentioning this acne problem because most of people cannot just get rid of their problem easy if they have terrible acne. And who doesn't want to be looking so good anyway? No one does, everyone of us wants to look good as possible as we can, right? That's why i refer this Chicago acne scar treatment because so far, this is the kind of best treatment i have ever found that can help people who's currently having a bad problem about their acne. Looking so good is never been so easy indeed and we need to take care of our skin enable to look so pleasant to the other people. And if you prefer to treat your acne to this surgery clinic, rest assured your satisfaction and no worries for it is safe.

Happy Friday Morning

Good morning everyone! I am very happy today because i was able to chat with my mother dear and talking over the phone while we are looking each other at the webcam. She is very excited and anxious to see us there and she is hoping that i am going to have a safe trip with my son. She is a little worried because i am expecting that makes my trip a little more tiring for me plus i have to take care of my son too. But i told her that she doesn't have to worry about me though as she knows me very well that i am a tough girl. I can make the trip and i am sure that i will be safe with my son because GOD loves us and he will take care of us during the trip and everyday.

Tsubo Shoes

Everyone is looking for best shoes that would fit to their delicate and sensitive feet and i am one of those people that has sensitive feet. And now that i am pregnant i need a specialize shoes that is more comfortable to my feet and to wear it easy. Expectant mother like me should wear a flat light and easy to wear shoes for i cannot bend so easy and i need light shoes so to keep me from having blood clots and possible accident that shoes could cause if i wear heeled ones, only my sister can wear the minnetonka boots that i just recently bought. That's why i am very picky when it comes to shoes today because i make sure that i am wearing the most comfortable shoes when i go somewhere so i won't experience feet sore later on.

And tsubo shoes has all the shoes that i want to have, they have every shoes for every people's likes. I love all the styles they have and i can also buy some shoes for my dear loving husband and for my son. Also i can buy some for my family back home since i am going home and this would be a great idea to bring them the shoes that i can buy from tsubo shoes. It's easier for me to shop this way too because i don't have to worry to shop at the store and end up empty handed because i can't find the right shoes that i am looking for. But here online, i can choose whatever i want and it's very convenient too because they are going to send the seychelles shoes to me for free shipping if i buy over 59.98 dollars.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not A Liar

You Are Very Honest

You tell it like it is, no matter what.

Even if the truth hurts, you'll dish it out.

And while some may get hurt by your honesty...

At least everyone knows where you stand!

I am not saying that i don't lie, of course i do sometimes especially when i am caught in the situation that i really have to lie. Anyway, this survey tells that i usually don't lie and i hate big fat liar people. Seriously, as much as i can i try to tell the truth even if it hurts but i have to deliver it nicely so no offense that bad. That's why my friends love me because i don't pretend to be nice to them even though that i don't feel like talking. If i have certain time that i want to be alone they know it already and they love me for telling the truth to them all the time.

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts!

Who doesn't love to receive cute gifts anyway? Definitely not me! I love cute gifts and i always treasure the gifts that i received from my family and friends. But anyway, i am talking about gifts because i found the best store where i can find a very cute gifts that i can give to my son since his birthday is fast approaching. Two more weeks and he will be three already. Can you believe that? I have a three year old boy already?

Wow! Time sure flies so fast, it was just like a blow in the air and there he is a big boy now and talking to mommy and daddy like a grown up. So i am thinking that it will be a good idea if i give him some short sleeves shirt where i can get at SaeCheezImages Store. Also might as well i am going to purchase some gifts for my son, i would love to give myself a presents this coming mother's day as well, i would like to get this personal photo gifts so i can put it by our covered and it will be a nice decoration to look at by the living room while relaxing in the couch.
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What My Feet Says About Me

What Your Feet Say About You:

You are pretty average in your expressiveness. You can express yourself well, but you don't always want to.

You are a somewhat passionate person. A few things get you very fired up, but you're usually pretty laid back.

You are an assertive person at times. You'll pull out all the stops to get what you want, if it's worth it.

You take a while to fall in love, but once you do, you stay pretty attached to your partner.

You are not easily frightened, but you have a few strong phobias.

You are intellectual and philosophical. You are more concerned with thoughts than action.

You are a fairly hard worker, but you are also a little spoiled. You like indulge yourself every now and then.

You are easily influenced by other people. You're quite impressionable, so you should only be around people who are a good influence.

Look at this survey! This really tells something about me so accurately! I love what it says here and they pretty much are true aside from the very bottom, that's not definitely me lol!. Anyway, this is just another fun survey i took from blog things and i enjoyed it and was happy about the result. So if you are curious like me of what your feet say about you, go ahead and feel free to do this survey too!

Another Diet Option

All of us wants to have good looking body and doesn't want extra fat hanging out from our belly, sides and any parts of our body. And most of people that are really frustrated to lose weight by doing some exercise, diets and to the last resort, the operation just to get rid of all the fats in the body. But there's one another option though that people should consider especially if you want to have a slender nice looking body and you don't have the much time to do all the exercise and you are not that brave to try the liposuction and all that, you can have this B12 shots and it's way cheaper from operation and you will end up satisfied by this kind of solution to your problem. So why waste money, time and mind if you could do it fast and in the cheaper way? Be wise and smart enough what's best for you!
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Crazy Weather

Good morning everyone! How's your Thursday morning? Well, mine is not that nice though because the weather outside is like winter once again. I am looking forward to feel the warm breeze outside but then as i said earlier in my post below that weather here where we live is truly crazy because we can get the breeze from the up north, by the west, east and south.

The terrible breeze we get here is from up north, which really makes me want to stay inside the house all the time because i cannot handle the cold wind. Anyway, despite of all this weather though i am still thankful that i am alive and be able to tell you what i am thinking at this very moment. So i would like to greet you all a happy Thursday morning and be thankful for your life today because GOD gave you another chance to live and to enjoy it being with your family and friends.

Money For Schools

Is your kid always gets home with another obligation in school such as money for schools? Well, here's what i got for you dear parents! You don't have to worry about it now because you can help your child or children by doing their obligation in school such as this fund raising in school if you join, shop and earn! The mechanics is really simple for us as parents, all we have to do is just sign up to schoolpop so you can support your children's school or even your children can join themselves and purchase all the merchants and from that, you can help your school fund raising! Now you tell, it isn't that hard to do is it? So join now!
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Cold Spring Thursday

Hubby said that spring suppose to rain a lot so that the buds will be showered and will come out good, but not as cold as what we have now. Last night we watched the weather report to see what would be the weather today and it says that it should be gloomy and chilly once again because up in the mountain today starting from six thousand feet above from sea level will experience a snow shower again. Goodness! We are not that low anyway where we at, we are five thousand plus above sea level anyway so that's why we are going to feel the wind chill and probably will have the slight snow shower this morning. What can i o? This is America and i should not complain about it though (sigh)!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Marine Supply

My big brother works as a marine engineer and he just barely got home and he is excited to see us once again. Anyway, i remember asking him about his job and he told us that his job is not that easy as we thought it is. He's got a lot of things to consider being an engineer and he is mentioning a lot of things like fiberglass supplies. I myself have no idea of what he is all talking about but when i searched some websites, i found the best one that leads me and gives me more information about fiberglass supplies at the American Marine With this website i do now understand what my brother is trying to tell us and what it's looks like to those things he mentioned. I was able to find some more interesting products at American Marine that the marine people needs.
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I am starving right now but i need to finish some offers that i just grabbed from this new paid blogging website. I am very happy because even if it's not that big offers that i got today still at least i got some and that is all that matters to me. I was able to grabbed one in the other paid blogging website but thankfully i got more and more. I also have three more pending tasks to do in the other websites but i was kind of held off because most of them are about loans and i have to think what should i say first to deliver the entry very well. But i will try to finish them all before they all expires.

Removable Disk Backup

Hubby bought me a new laptop and when we got it from store, the guy who took care of us told us that we should also buy a removable disk backup for us to save our important documents here in my laptop and if things happens, if this laptop of mine will get broken and needs to reset all the settings here, i don't have to worry about all the files that i stored here because i have a back up where i store my files. All i have to do is just send my files to this removable disk backup and i am free from any worries about my files. So if you don't have any idea how to store your files and you need to keep some important files, don't wait until your computer gets broken, you should have the removable disk backup.
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First Time Offer

For the very first time i got the very first opportunity in the other paid blogging website. I am really glad i was able to grab some offers because i have been zero since Monday and i am getting so bored on this other paid blogging website. I am very excited and hoping that this new paid blogging website will continue and will see the progress because as i see it, it is more organized and more offers here. I am looking forward to get more offers from this new paid blogging website. So hope to grab more!

Murad The Facial Company

Since i got pregnant i am starting to worry about my face and i am sure that soon as i deliver my baby i would love to have face makeover. Every woman wants to look nice and elegant as possible as we can, and it's not just me who feels this way whenever woman gets pregnant. I know that Murad can help me with this issue about my face and i am sure that their products will take care of my face so good and i trust their products because they create the special kind of facial cream and all the solution that i need enable for my face to go back to what i used to have before.

I have no acne or pimples problems but i would love to have an appealing face because that's what i have before and i want my face back to what exactly is before i got pregnant. Murad has a lot of beauty cream that can offer to those who are concern about their faces too like me. You don't need to worry about it because it's been tested by the dermatologist and they make sure that if you use their products it is rest assured that you are going to have a beautiful looking skin and healthy that glows and noticeable.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Got Me A New Toy!

Finally i am able to post this new toy of mine, my new APPLE Video IPOD 8 gigabytes. I bought this one last Sunday and i downloaded some videos and photos of my family in this small handy technology. I bought this one so that this will entertain me during our flight next two weeks. For sure my son will use this lappy of mine because i am going to bring some of his obsession, his Thomas the train movies. I am glad that i got this new toy for me, i can store so many things here that i like to keep forever. So for you to see my new toy, here are some snaps i took this morning with videos of Mariah Carey and our photos with my husband.

Beauties In The World!

Do you have the best asset that could possibly make you rich? Well, if you do, then you might want to check this Look Of The Year website! They are looking for an aspiring model that has the new unique look and has the beautiful face that can fascinate people especially if you are young. So if you are the one that i am talking about, don't dare miss this big opportunity that is coming to you now. You don't have to do anything, all that matters to them is if you have the amazing Beauty. So beautiful ladies and handsome men, check this out now or you will miss half of your life if you miss this big opportunity awaiting for you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday My Website!!!

Oh my goodness! How could i ever be so clumsy! I totally forgot that this blog is been a year old yesterday? Well, this blog before i converted into domain was created last April 17, 2007. It was pretty Ivy, my dear friend who taught me how to blog and from then on i got hooked up to this and got so addicted. I cannot imagine myself for being away in the computer and not checking my blog even for a day or two. I am terribly sorry my dear website, it's just that there's really a lot of things going on lately that's why i forgot to post about your birthday the day you were created. But anyway, like most people say, better late than never right? So happy birthday to this blog of mine! I am so happy that this lasted for a year and still going until now.

Health Hazard

Eating raw food can be good or bad sometimes. I am aware of that because i have been searching lots of informations through website and i know that this Gulf oysters is one of the food we should consider to be aware of. I know that most of us do love to eat oyster especially when it's raw, but eating raw oyster can be bad to our health. I myself love seafood so much and oyster is one of my favorite but i am making sure that it's not gonna be hazard to my health. I am telling you all this for you to be aware of this matter and be informed what could cause you eating raw oyster.

I Am Risk Taker

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange

At Your Highest:

You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.

At Your Lowest:

You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.

In Love:

You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.

How You're Attractive:

You are very affectionate and inspire trust.

Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Respected?"

I sure had fun taking this survey and i am very happy with the outcome of it. Well, as you can read what's written above to this survey, i truly agree all of them. This is the real me and i am not scared if someone will attack me no matter what. I been through all hardships in life and i don't get easily frightened. I am a person who is looking forward for the better future and not being scared to take the risk if i have to.

Shangri La Gardens

I have been into few botanical place in my beloved country but i know i still didn't see the whole beauty of nature than can offer to my naked eyes. I myself is one nature lover and i can never get enough of it especially those beautiful flowers and amazing scene flocks of birds. If i am depressed or something, i used to go to the beach nearby us and watch all the amazing beauty of nature in there and that will make me feel better and entertained. My eyes gets full just by looking at them and my heart will be contented like a child.

I know it is not just me who loves nature, most of people do and that's why i admire those people who are taking seriously about the nature. They give so much time and effort exploring the all about of nature like flowers, animals and elements in the world. I would love to experience a job something like that if i would be given the chance. When i saw this Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center, it just amazed me how beautiful is the place to visit and i am dreaming to be there soon. I showed the pictures to my husband and he is just staring at them and keep saying amazing beauty.

I know, that's why i was begging my husband so we can go visit this Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center, the virgin place and full of beauty of nature. Far from dusty, polluted and crowded society. All we see there are nature, that can satisfy and calm the depressed soul. Looks like the place is like paradise to me, i am very anxious and excited to get there and take tons of pictures with my family. Good thing hubby said that we have to plan ahead for our trip going to this place. Oh i can't wait! Looking at those pictures in the website are so inviting indeed!

What A Boring Day!

Friday is really boring for me you know, not much going on and i woke up so early hoping that i could get some money online to post, but i failed. There's hardly nothing and it's just makes me sleepy sitting here in the computer doing nothing and trying to amuse myself by searching different kinds of videos and pictures that i can take a look at. But sometimes it makes me wanna go sleep because i have no one to talk to and the room is so quiet here. Only me and my dear son are making noise here inside the house, mostly my son. All i hear from me is the tapping of my keyboard. Hayyyy! Life! What am i gonna do to make me feel alive now? lol!


My father in law used to have small buttons cellphones and he's having hard time to make a call because sometimes he hits the wrong button and call someone else instead. So either hubby or me or his other children helps him to make a call using his cellphones and we keep telling him to replace the cellphone he is using so he can have the better one and he won't need any help from us no more. He is getting old and if he doesn't have his glasses with him, it will be next to impossible to use his cellphone to make a call to someone he wants to talk to.

Anyway, when i was searching about cellhpones i happen to bumped in this Jitterbug website that offers the best cellphones and excellent service for the seniors to use. This would be perfect to use for my father in law indeed. He will be more comfortable using this Jitterbug because he can see better the buttons because it is larger for him to see that he is going to push and he can have the great service ever. So this is the right one for him not the other kinds that gives him headache most of the times. Seniors should have the special treatment and i am glad that Jitterbug is doing their job for these senior people.