Friday, March 14, 2008

Girl Names

We have been searching for so many names for our coming dear little girl. And we are so excited to find the best name we could give her. We have names that we already looked at it and consider to give her. Some of my friends helped me to find some unique and beautiful names for my little girl. I am very anxious and excited to see my second little angel. I am sure she will be lovely as my son, just like her Kuya MD. And i am sure that Kuya MD will love his little sister soon as she comes out in this world. And today, i just figured out what beautiful name to give her to fit her beautiful face.


Rissa said...

i'm excited for u too Darl. i'm sure she's going to be a pretty girl.

sugarbabes said...

hello darl, unsa man imo name imo nahunahunaan..hala oi ka pretty guro no! ako gusto ko babae sunod..but ang question kong makatiming bapud kaha ko ug girl