Friday, March 14, 2008


Oh no! I woke up so late! I was taking a nap with my son but it wasn't really planned that i am going to take a nap today. I just put my son in our bed and we played a little bit but then he got tired so i rubbed his back which what he really loves me to do with him, and he fell asleep. And i didn't know that i fell asleep too. And when i woke up it was totally dark here inside our house. I thought i was still dreaming and looking for hubby and i heard his voice watching television downstairs. When i turned on the light it was already 8:30 pm as what the clock said. I really thought it's already like past midnight and i over slept. But thank goodness it's not midnight yet like i thought. I still have things to do before i go to bed tonight, whew!!!

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