Friday, March 14, 2008

Excited For My Girl

I already mentioned the gender of my baby to my other site and we are very happy because we finally found out that it is going to be a girl this time. My dream has come true, i got one boy and this coming baby is going to be girl. A lot of my friends said that since my son looks like his daddy a lot, they are hoping that this girl would look like me. So i teased them that i don't want my baby to be look like me because she might not come out beautiful lol! But it doesn't matter if she looks like daddy or mommy, we are very anxious and excited to see her when the perfect time for her to come out.

We are looking forward for her coming and we have plans already what to do. Like i said before that i am going home so i will get a lot of help from my family back home than giving birth here with only hubby's help. He can only get so many days of leave of absence in his work and i am sure that it will be hard for me to be by myself with two kids and with surgery on my tummy. I delivered my son through C section and it was really hard for me, especially for the first time and now that i know how hard it is to deliver a baby, i need a lot of help, and only my family back home can give me that help that i need.

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