Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's All About "I"

Got this tag from Yenny and i wanna thank her for always not forgetting to tag me. Thank you so much Yen, here's my answer and hope this will work for you lol! I am tagging anyone who feels like doing this tag. Grab it guys!

I AM… Happy with life i am having right now
I WANT…To go back home soon
I HAVE… Lovely family and an adorable son
I WISH… That my kids will grow up with good standing in life
I FEAR… When my son get sick
I SEARCH… For best cheap flights on our coming vacation
I WONDER… Why some other people are idiots
I REGRET… Some decisions i made but everybody make mistakes not just me
I LOVE… My life my family and GOD of course
I ALWAYS… look forward and thinking of the future
I AM NOT… HYPOCRITE kind of person
I DANCE… When i am having fun with my family and friends
I SING… My heart out when there's occasion or something to celebrate with
I CRY… When things are not working well
I WRITE… Things everyday what i am up to here in blog for my family and friends to know what's going on with us here
I WON… As a hunkababe in our company outing when i worked in Cebu long time ago
I AM CONFUSED… When people talks differently and they talk to me and it doesn't make sense to me at all!
I NEED… take care of my family and myself as well
I SHOULD… Exercise sometimes, it will be good for me though lol!

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… How blessed i am for having such a wonderful life!

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