Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sad Tuesday Morning

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a beautiful morning! Talking about me here, my morning is kind of sad because i woke up from a sad dream. I don't know if it's really sad or bad or scary, i dreamed that someone died but i just don't know who it is. All i remember is i have to be in the funeral and i need to dress well because that someone who died is a very special person to me. I was thinking about dream and makes me feel sad, scared and worried too. I hope my family back home are all fine out there.

Anyway, i was expecting a beautiful day but seems like the weather outside is not so friendly. It is gloomy and dark. It's not raining yet but it's about to i guess. I am hoping that the sun will come out little bit after, because i don't like this kind of weather outside very dark and looks so cold. I was planning to go somewhere today but if the weather would be like this until later, i think i better stay home rather than going outside with unfriendly weather. I was gonna stroll my son to grocery store and buy some stuffs but i think i changed my plan now, i am not going no more unless the weather will change.

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Rissa said...

don't be sad Darl. according to the book of dreams i've read before, when you dream of death it actually means good health. so kung kinsa man tong namatay sa imong dream will probably be just healthy as can be. i had a lot of death dreams before too and thank God they never really happened. anyway, agi lang ko and wishing u all a great week over there.