Friday, March 14, 2008

I Love Oyster!

Do you love oyster like i do? Well, oyster is really one good fresh food to eat. I myself grew up eating fresh food from the ocean, fish, shells and sea weeds. Oyster is one of my favorite, it can give me lots of energy and has that special substance that other food don't have. I have been eating oyster back home but since i got here in America, i miss eating oyster and other seafoods that i use to eat. I love oyster so much, i just couldn't get enough of it. I let hubby tried it once and he said it sure taste good. I prefer to eat seafood especially the oyster rather than keep eating meat all the time.

I have weird imagination that every time i eat oyster, it comes up to my mind that what if there's a big pearl hiding inside the oyster that i am going to eat? That sure is so lucky me! I have heard from my old folks that usually you will get the pearl from sea shells, i don't know why they come up to that kind of story but there's no harm to believe that story isn't it? Anyway, aside from that, oyster has also disadvantage to it, eating it fresh is not a very wise idea, and if you wanna know why, check this Gulf oysters website so you will learn more things about oyster and also learn more best recipes on how to cook the oyster.

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Rissa said...

i don't like oysters Darl kay slimy, lol! pero it's really good for u bitaw daw.