Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friend's Wedding

My friend and i had just ended our conversation. She was telling me how excited she is for her wedding that is coming so soon. She just barely got here in United States and right now she is really busy preparing things for her wedding day,a very special day that she don't wanna mess up. Anyway, she mentioned that she have a very nice and very beautiful Beach Wedding Invitations which is her wedding day is obviously will be held at the Beach since they live nearby beaches, she lives in California.

And of course i am very happy for her that finally she met her soulmate and she is going to exchange her vow with her soon to be husband. she invited us to come over to on her wedding day and i could not just refuse it because i have never witness a wedding day that is held at the beach, this will be the first time so i am very anxious and excited too even though i am not the one who is getting married. So i am wishing all the best for the couple soon to be.

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