Friday, March 7, 2008

My son Is Back!

Good morning everyone! I am happy now that my son feels better. He is now smiling at me and i am hearing the giggles, screams and his contagious laughters once again. But that won't stop me for taking him to see the doctor today, he needs medication i know and i am still going to take him to the clinic even though he is now recovering from sickness. I called my mother last night and i was crying, my son stopped me talking to my mother and he wants me to stopped from crying too. He wiped my tears and that made me cry even more.

My mother told me that i need i take him to the clinic soon as possible, she is worried too and wishing she is here with me so she can at least do something that makes him feel better and comfort me from depression. But i am very happy now seeing my son is back, he is now talking to me unlike yesterday he kept on whining that something is hurting him. I love those smiles and telling me that he loves me so much. Later today i will take him to see the doctor and hoping that the doctor can figure out what is really going on with my son.


Rissa said...

nagsakit pod diay imong anak Darl. akong AJ looy kaau nagsakit sa iyang birthday murag 1week pod to iyang fever. unya nisunod pod c aiden pero maau gani murag 2days ra. unya ako pod nagsakit halos 1 week pod. intawon nalang. maau gani wala takdi ang baby kay gatotoy ra ba sa ako. well, glad everything's fine now. musta namo dha? karon pa ko kabalik blogging so i missed a lot of stuffs.

Ritchiela said...

good to hear that Darl,hope you are feeling good there too.

take care!

twinkletoe said...

Am glad that your son is back and is feeling better now. Hope you're feeling good too.

Sis check the scripts in your widgets lalo na ang feedjit kasi a pop-up opened when I click "comment" tapos ang imong mga links naka green lines sila.. na hack na ang script sis. :]