Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maternity Dress

Finally, i was able to buy some maternity dress yesterday. We went malling and i also bought some fabrics for my coming little girl. I am going to sew a quited blanket for her. I am very excited to make that quilt for her because when i learned how to sew, i made a big quilted blanket for my son. And this time, i chose the light pink fabric and a flannel texture for my dear little girl.

And going back to what i first said, i bought some maternity clothings because i have nothing to wear no more every time i go out because all of my dress and pants won't fit to me anymore. Good thing that i was able to chose some sales dress. I don't need expensive ones though, i am planning to buy some more back home since i am going in there, it's way cheaper and lots of styles to choose from. So anyway, this is just one of the dress that i bought yesterday the photos shown below. I dropped so much weight though i noticed, i compared these photos i got below from my previous pictures before i got pregnant. I had terrible morning sickness during my first trimester period and got sick last week. Good thing i am getting over it now.

And oh, if you want to see my baby's ultrasound, please click my SWEET PARADISE website.


Ivy Sterling said...

Nay oi suya kaayo ko ani imong fink nga dress mamu, very pretty gyud..pero mas pretty gyud ang nag wear..awa mamords kaayo ang may dughana grrrr...bleeeh suya lang sila..hikhik

Mimi said...

Wow, you look so pretty! I like that maternity dress you got. Its sooo pretty! You look like a model. Its nice that you know how to sew. I wish I know how to sew too. My hubby bought me a sewing machine but it just sit there because I don't really know how to use it. Also, I am so excited for you to deliver your baby in the Philippines. That must be fun having all your family members helping you out during your delivery...I wish I had my family when I delivered my baby. Anyway, thank you so much for the template again. I am still looking for nice pictures to put on the header. I can't really wait. Thank you so much!!! Take care always. God bless you and your family always.