Friday, March 14, 2008

Kettering University

Have you heard about this Kettering University? Anyway, i just happen to search this website since i was looking for a best University to finish my studies. Hubby and i talked about this already and actually he is the one wants me to finish my studies into college. I love school of course and i do really want to have a degree someday but since i got married my dream has become slowly disappeared to me. And now that i saw this fun Kettering Stickman in their website, this really made me think that i should need to have a degree for future purposes.

Anyway, since i am talking about school, this Kettering University is very inspiring to all the students who are confused of what to take after they graduated in highschool. Most of the students nowadays doesn't have fixed mind what major should they take like for example, taking up mechanical engineering. And this Kettering University can help you with that. This Kettering University has the US News Best Colleges and it's guaranteed that the student will learn and will be able to stick into education they are taking up to. So for you to get to know more about this Kettering University, why don't you sit and take sometime to watch this funny yet very educational video i have here for you to think ahead.

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