Friday, March 14, 2008

Be Considerate

Lately i was very busy, a lot of things going on with me. My son got sick real bad, and so am i. I know i missed a lot of things here in blogging world but since my family is my first priority, i set aside the blogging because this is just one of my hobbies. Some of you may asked me to add your links to my websites but i haven't done it yet because i haven't been blogging that much like i used to before. But this is just one thing i am going to tell you all guys, i am not liar and i do what i say here. If i will tell you that i will add your links later, i will not forget that. It's just that i have no enough time to do that lately, was very occupied with my son he was very ill for the last couple of weeks and i thank GOD for his recovery now.

Also before you leave messages to my tagboard, please don't just leave message of what's in your mind, take time to read a little of my entries so you will know what i am up to everyday. I always write things what's happening to me or to my family. I did that in a purpose so that my visitors will know my reasons what i can't do such things here in blogging world for a while.


texas_sweetie said...

korek ka mamuu ang uban for the sake lang maka lili kay magpa duaw ug balik sa ilang blogs hala cge demanding pa kaau.makalagot.

way batasan ba dagku man KUNO ug grado,mga nindot og profession saon manulti maau pa grade one.yabag jud sila oi.

Merydith said...

Darl I am so annoyed with these people who wants to be added mag sige ug balik balik unya manugo pa ang uban to let them know if na add na sila? I mean sos bag-o pa gani na blogger. To think we really don't need their links kay we have enough links already. Sila pa nangayo ug pabor sila pa ang demanding. Some of them wala man nako ginasunod sa ilang blog because I know all they want is to exchange links and never interested with reading my entries. Unya sad lagi magsige ug panugo bura ra ba wa tay lain nga life like some of these bloggers. Sos naa intawon tay life. Anyways, kisses to MD and rub the belly. Sos napataas na noon ni. Balik na ko sa akong shopawpaw.

Ivy Sterling said...

na mao na lagi na rn, mao bitaw nga adto ra ko mo blog hop ana sa mga kaila na gyud pay uban harsh kaayo mag leave ug msg sa tagboard unya wla huna huna na mka offend sad..daoy keber nila if e delete ka. bahala sila ayaw pud e add.