Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lucky Layout Winner

I am terribly sorry for the delay of the announcement of the winner of my birthday contest because my son got sick yesterday. I was gonna post it yesterday but then things happened unexpectedly and i need to take care of my son. Family is my first priority and blogging is just my hobby. So i hope you understand my situation and i know you do because most of you has family of your own like i do. Especially when someone in your family is not well, you will get so worried and sometimes feels helpless like i am now.

Anyway, since not a lot of bloggers participated with my contest, i picked the deserving winner of my contest. I was gonna draw a raffle and my son will be the one to pick the winner but since he got sick i didn't bother with it no more. So the lucky winner is none other than MIMI! A friend of mine from Washington who always give me words of wisdom. She is a very sweet person and never fails to remember me and always visits my blog and never leave without leaving her footprints in my comment box. For you MIMI i truly appreciate you participated with this simple contest i have had.

For MIMI, let me know how to give you this html codes so we can transfer the layout to your page soon as possible, Thank you again for participating! And to all who participated to my contest, thank you so much!


Mimi said...

Hi Dar! Thanks a lot for the prize. I am so so happy about it. You can email the code to me if you have a chance so I can start using the template. It looks really pretty and I love it. You are so artistic and very good on website design. I truly appreciate your effort. Take care always my friend. God bless you and your family.

Here is my email:

Haze said...

Congrats Mimi, for being a winner here in Darl's give-aways!

twinkletoe said...

Congrats Mimi for winning.. cute pa naman kaayo ang layout. :] talented jud ni c sis darl :]