Monday, March 17, 2008

Blogging's Boring Day

It seems that blogging world is so quiet today. I just can feel that most of the bloggers aren't that fired up to do the hopping. So am i, it feels like i am just sitting here in front of my computer and doing nothing, staring at my blogs and waiting for somebody to say hello to me. Anyway, i guess because most of bloggers are not just SAHM like me, they also have work outside the house and they have to get rest right after they get home from their respective job.

I just barely got up, i took a little rest because i haven't got enough sleep last night due to finishing the video have started already. And when i got up, there's not much offers too in paid blogging. So i am glad that i chose to rest rather than sitting here and keep waiting for nothing. I am kinda hungry right now and thinking what should i eat for a dinner, maybe i will just cook some quicky food like noodles or something, i better look at our pantry. See yah later!

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