Thursday, March 6, 2008

High Speed Internet For Life

Internet is part of my life. When i got here in America, internet has become my most friendly companion because through internet, i can keep in touch with my family back home. They are far from me, miles and miles away so there is no way to see them everyday but through web cam using the internet. Also i am able to talk to them through internet.

Last year i told hubby to get me the high speed internet because i am too fed up with dial up because it kicks me off all the time during in the middle of conversation and i hate it. Anyway, so i got what i wanted now but high speed is not that cheap to pay the bills every month. Until when i found this Charter High Speed Internet For Life. They have a promo and i can have the chance to win the fastest high speed internet here in town, win a cable modem plus the wireless router and also to win free professional installation. Who could refuse to some promo like this? Not me! I love something like this because i am always hopeful that i could be the lucky winner. And there's more! if you want to know more about the bidding it will start on March 12,2008 for only 10$, that is so soon! So watch out guys and here's the big thing about the auction, if you register now, Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! So hurry guys! Don't miss this very awesome opportunity to have a high speed internet for life!

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