Friday, March 14, 2008

Silly Me

I hurried and wrote the offers i have in my other website thinking that i can still finish it up before the clock strikes ten o'clock so it will be counted as my tonight's income. But i ended up speechless when i found out that i couldn't submit it because i have no blogs available to submit it. I was a little upset but that's alright at least i still have the offer to submit soon as the clock strikes ten in the evening. I didn't realize that the offers i got is having different exclusions to my other blog. The other offer i got is excluding my Bravejournal and the other offer is demanding the real rank in paid blogging website, so silly! But anyway, i am glad i still got it until now, that's all that matters to me though.

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ghee said...

Belated Happy Bday,Darlene!