Sunday, May 30, 2010

Will Be Looking For It

It feels like heaven being here in my beloved country. I still can't trade Philippines from United States Of America for i cannot simply eat the food i wanted to eat and i cannot simply do the things i wanted to do. Like for example going somewhere without taking my kids with me. Here in Philippines, i get a lot of helping hand of my family, i am loving it knowing that i am leaving my kids to the good hands because i am so sure that my family will take care of them like how much i takes care of them. Like today, i am here at the internet cafe right now and doing my pending tasks. I need to hurry and finish all of them before they expire, also the cut off will be later today and i want to get paid this coming Friday not leaving pending tasks. I am so happy being here in Philippines. My kids are having fun as well because they have their cousins to play with them. I am so sure that when it's time to get back in Utah, they will look for the fun they have here in Philippines.

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