Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confidence And Self-esteem

Finally, i met my cousin the other day when i arrived here in my country. I gave her the best acne treatment that she requested to me. I brought it those kind because she told me that it works her perfectly. The last time i saw her, her face was full of bumps and i must say that it sure doesn't really look good, i felt bad because she is one beautiful young lady but her skin problem made her think she is ugly. Good thing her face is getting better, the acne is slowly disappearing. She is very thankful about it because it also gave her more self esteem and confidence to herself. She used to hide her face to the people as possible as she can because she is worried people might make fun of her. Now that her better is way better than it was before, she is now proud and starting to come out from her shell to show off.

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