Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Ready But Not Ready Yet

I am counting the days of our flight. I can't help myself to be anxious and excited for the most awaited day to come. Even though i am not packed yet but i have been dreaming that i am in my mother's side already. It's not that long ago when i told myself not to go home unless it is necessary to go or i have something to do there that is very important. Well, i guess i can't deny it, i love my beloved country and i can't just can't tell myself not to look back to where i came from. Even if my country has a lot of problems and crisis going on, my family is in there and i cannot just forget them and the memories i have in there. Although there's sad memories that i am sure i will remember soon as i am there, but i will try to be strong to get over it.

Two years ago, i went home pregnant with my little girl. I was so excited to death too when i traveled. But when i got there, i have had so many problems that i have to deal with. Including the very extreme hot weather there. Being pregnant is so sensitive, i had to build a small nipa hut for me where i can relax and my son as well during the very hottest hours of the day. That hut has a lot of good and sad memories for me too. But anyway, i am hoping and praying for our safe flight to go back home and praying that we'll all come back here safe and sound. We are going to stay there for few months to enjoy the vacation. And we have to come back here before the school starts. Two more weeks, and we'll be there. But first! I have to pack our things up! Not yet ready but my mind is telling me i am so ready!

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JeSseL said...

darl, i added this blog in my site, i add unya ko ha? i'll be back to check it out later..thanks kaau.