Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wearing Contact Lens Again

It sure feels so funny to me that i am actually wearing my new pair of contact lens right now. I wore contacts before but i stopped wearing it when i got pregnant with my third child. Now that i am wearing a new pair again, it sure feels so weird to me although i know that i will get use to it later on, i just have to give my eyes a little time to get comfortable with it. I actually ordered the colored ones and wanted to try it on to me to see if it will look good on me. Not those bright blue ones kind! I don't think it would look good since i am brown skinned woman. I chose the hazel colored one which it would fit to my complexion because it's not as bright as blue. The doctor said it's perfect if i have the opaque colors which is good i must say. I will be expecting a call from the eye doctor's office anytime for me to know when i am going to see the doctor again to get my colored contact lens with prescriptions. I just hope that they can issue me my contact lens before i fly to Philippines, but if not, i guess we have no choice but hubby has to mail it to me.

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