Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dry Cough Due To Hot Temperature

This is the third day of our vacation here in Philippines today. We had so much fun celebrating the birthday of my cousin last night and now we are about to go to the small island where mom lives. I can't wait to be there for i cannot stand the hotness here in the city. I feel so sorry for my kids because they are coughing due to the hot temperature here in the big city where we at right now. Both of my kids has dry cough and so am i. Soon as we get there later today i will boil some "kalabo leaves" a herbal leaves that eases cough. I prefer herbal leaves it's more effective than the cough syrup that i bought the other day, seems like it didn't worked for my oldest son because he still got the dry cough like he wasn't taking medicine. My friend back in Utah is right, the medicines here aren't that effective compared to the medicines we have over there. I just hope that my kids will get better soon as will be in a fresh small island.

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