Monday, May 17, 2010

Drug Addiction Is Scary

I just learned that our neighbor's son went to jail because of drug addiction. I really am sorry for his parents because they have been trying to be a good parents to this young man but seems like bad friends drag him along with those bad doings. I was able to talk to the mother and she felt so sorry for his son for having that kind of addiction. She was blaming herself for not being so watchful to her kids that good. She said that she's been working so hard that's why she missed some of her son's time as he is growing, that's probably the reason why her son was led to wrong pathway. She said that she will have her son a rapid detox to clean his system. I also felt bad for her though, she really is blaming herself for what happened to her son. That's why i am so scared of my kids too and pray they won't be misled and will do bad things like drug addiction.

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