Monday, May 10, 2010

Rewarding And Fulfilling

How was your mother's day celebration yesterday mothers? Well our celebration was very simple yet it was very memorable. My family and i had a picnic yesterday in our backyard and the bonding was just so awesome and unforgettable. It is indeed rewarding and fulfilling to be a mother although it is sometimes exhausting. I was imagining yesterday while my kids were playing, dreaming that someday when they're grown they will be a good kids and respectful ones. Happy, healthy and kind children. Hubby didn't bought me something special because i told him not to bother since letting us fly to Philippines is more than enough for me as a gift. Seeing my family back home with my kids and be able to spend time with them. I sure am a lucky woman, i have wonderful kids and a very loving husband. But anyway, i would like to take this chance to greet all the mother's in the world here in blogosphere a happy mother's day although it's a little late but it's coming from the bottom of my heart, we are hero to our family, we are the light to guide our children in a right path. We must be proud of ourselves for being a mother....
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