Monday, May 17, 2010

Fancy Ferrari

We sure had so much fun with my good friends yesterday shopping. It was my first time to those stores we walked in so i was pretty amazed by their very expensive goodies out there. But we found the store in there that i really love to go to and bought some under wears. It was my friend who was driving and when she was about to park her car, our eyes all caught with the very fancy car next to us, the looking so shiny and beautiful Ferrari. That was my first time as well to see such a beautiful very expensive car, too bad i wasn't able to take a snap of it since we were running as we passed by it. It was really a beautiful car, i bet the one who owned it is a very rich person for having such a very fancy car like that. It made me think and wonder how much are those Ferrari parts if ever they need a replacement of it.. I sure am that it's not penny of couple few dollars, lol!

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