Monday, May 10, 2010

Business Success

I must say that most of my uncles and aunts are very business minded. They have different businesses and that's how they raise their kids. Now, their kids are learning more about the family business which is really great so that they can inherit it and will be able to take care of it in perfect time. A cousin of mine asked if i could purchase the tm-t88iv here for him because it's a lot affordable here compared back home. He is telling me that the machines here are more dependable and durable that's why he decided to ask me a favor if i could do it for him. Well, it's a pleasure to help him since we've been good friends aside from being a cousin to me. I can't believe how he became so mature and more responsible assisting his mother to take care of their family business, which is good for him. I am happy for their business success and i am looking forward for more franchise to be open soon.

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