Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Not In Our Budget

Before i left back to where we live, i noticed that our neighbor's RV is not parked to their driveway. Good thing i was able to talk to our neighbor and asked her about their RV because i haven't seen it for awhile already. She told us that they have to send it to the shop to repair it because it has a little damage or something. She is thankful that they have the extended service plan that's why they didn't worry too much of the high cost repair expenses. I asked my husband how much does it cost to keep an RV like what our neighbors have, and he told me that he thinks it depends how big or small the RV is but he is so sure that some RV cost a whole lot to keep it, especially when it's new, big and it's furnished inside. For me, i don't think i would keep a vehicle such like that because it will too much for us and it will hurt our budget for sure.

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