Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weak And Tired

I was gonna do all my pending chores today here but i felt suddenly weak and tired. When hubby got home he told me that i don't have to worry about the household chores, and let me rest instead. I went to bed but didn't really able to take a nap. I just lied down and my ears are so big to hear all the noise that my son made. He is happy boy and made mommy happy as well. He's always trying to entertain mommy but mommy couldn't say a lot of things for him due to mommy is too weak to say something. I am hoping i will be better soon. I don't like when i am feeling like this. I wanna lie down but it's useless because i have son and husband to take care of and they are awake and that makes me stay awake as well. I cannot sleep when somebody is making noise. The room has to be quiet enable for me to have some nap even just in a little time.

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"Life is a Journey not a Destination" from a simple woman who live in England. said...

I hope you feel better soon! Taking a lot of rest does help too.

Tag btw, here, thanks!