Monday, February 18, 2008

Vacation To San Diego

My uncle and i had a good talk over the phone last night and he invited us to come over on spring season to his place to he can tour us to San Diego especially the San Diego zoo. He asked us if we have planned already some vacation ideas and we told him no since i am pregnant. My uncle insisted to go his place so our son would enjoy also the place especially the zoo. We know and we are pretty sure that our son would love to be in zoo. The last time he's been in the zoo was considered as not counted because he was only barely born that time. And now that he can appreciate things around him already, i am sure that he will enjoy being in the zoo.

So hubby and i decided to go since i want to get some cool air and not this very extreme weather here where we live. He wants me to have some get away vacation so we are planning to leave soon. I am very happy because i have been hibernated in this house for while now and want to get out sometime but i cannot due to the weather outside hinders me. So i am sure that this vacation will be a perfect get away for us as family. And if we will travel with this Trusted Tours & Attractions we can have the chance to Win a free digital camera. So how about that? Isn't that great idea to have some vacation sometime?

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