Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blog Ranks

In blogging world there's a lot of things need to consider and needs to be aware of. Like for example, if you want to make money online and submit your site to some certain money making websites, you have things that needs to look at. Google is the main thing that every bloggers wants to get. If you have page rank in your page, the more offers you get from the advertisers but if you don't have page rank in your site, the lesser opportunities you get.

I have been in blogging for almost a year now and i joined this money making blog 4 months ago and seems like i've learned a lot since i joined in this thing. Especially in this website where i get most of offers to post. They are now working on the Blog Ranks and i am very happy for they find some solution of this page rank issue. Good thing that they are trying to find something to replace this page ranks and i am happy knowing that are really concerned of this kind of thing. Plus, they also give worth 1,000 dollars for those who will be the number 1 blogger each week.

A lot of bloggers were very upset about what happened to google ranks since they will rate every blogger's page and later on the page rank will suddenly just disappear. So as my part, i am happy to this Blog Ranks because it really helped to get more offers and at the same time will motivate me to visit more bloggers so to expect from them to visit my site as well. With that, my site will get more traffic and the more traffic i get the lower the Blog Ranks i have, and it's better if it's lower.

In these screen shot below, these are the sample of how i compare my three sites and one of my friend's site.

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