Friday, February 1, 2008

Retro Baby Clothings

I am very excited now what will be the gender of my baby and i am hoping that this it would be a girl because hubby and i planned that we should only have two kids and that will be it. Now that i am pregnant, i am anxious and thrilled about the gender of my next baby, i keep crossing my fingers though lol! Anyway, whatever it is it's still a gift from above and we will heartily accept the baby no matter what. And we'll buy the baby nice things and clothings like our son. And i found some nice retro clothings of babies here in and i love all of the selections they have, so i will definitely buy bunch of them and no worries about the shipping for it is free if i reach the amount of 75 bucks. I am now starting to gather some things for my coming baby, mommy is getting so excited, and so as daddy and our son!

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