Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thank God I'm Better

I was suffering severe headache this morning since i woke up and i have been dealing it until the sun went down. I supposed it was like past nine this evening when finally my headache was totally gone. I was crying in pain because it seems like my head is going to break and it was very painful to me. I feel like i was being tortured but i just couldn't defend myself from that excruciating pain. Hubby was really sad when he got home from work earlier this afternoon for he saw me lying in the couch trying to rest but i just couldn't. He saw me crying and pulling my hair for it was really painful.

Anyway i am very thankful that the pain is gone now, i feel like i am lighter as paper. I felt so heavy earlier, i did tried my best to make myself better and forget about the pain but i just can't deny it, it was really bad. Hubby is glad that i told him i feel better now. I been lying in our bed since lunch time until earlier. I got up not so long ago and check on here. Thanks goodness i feel better now.

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