Monday, February 25, 2008

Title Insurance Companies

Hubby was gonna buy a house nearby where he used live and because there's no seller and sold by auction by the bank. He got the title insurance people and they did the complete investigation of the title and they found out some real problems that the house has a huge lien drawn by the state. The reason for the lien is probably not important now but the imposed lien was more than twice the amount requested by the bank. And under the current law during that time, had he proceeded with the auction without knowing of this problem, he wouldn't been responsible for this lien or at least he would've had to undergone an expensive court hearing to settle this problem.

How grateful he was that title insurance companies is available to provide not only quick but thorough service which is needed to meet the auction date. Most of us would not have this kind of problem but anybody buying a house needs to be assured that they're not buying somebody's long forgotten bills such as the seller "forgot" to pay for the new roof on the garage or car repair (mechanics lien against the house). These are just examples that you must consider when you buy a house.

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Vashonnte said...

wow! as a realtor i believe title ins. is a MUST!! smart man you have!