Friday, February 8, 2008

Great Friday Morning

Good morning friends, fellow bloggers and readers here in my blog. How's your Friday morning? Well about me here i am kind of quite busy today for i am going to cook something to bring to a kiddy party later this afternoon. And also we need to go to the hospital to the other city to see if we can get an appointment of Lamase class for expectant mother like me. I don't have any idea about it though, it was hubby's idea to enroll me that kind of class for me to familiarize some exercise of a pregnant woman. So i guess it's not bad for me at all, hubby just worried a little bit about me. He witnessed how hard is to deliver our first baby and he had trauma after that. He wants me to have some exercise so that the next delivery even if it's caesarian i already know how to control myself during the labor. Well, i guess i don't have to wait for the labor though, since my first baby was a caesarian and for sure this next baby will be the same as well.

Anyway, i got to prepare things here now guys see you later! i will just be back and fort here in my computer but will not sit here for long. Happy Weekend ahead to all of you guys! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Jeanne said...

the rule here is once you got caesar, the next baby would be the same delivered..also with caesar operation.