Monday, February 4, 2008

Extraordinary Blogger

Got this another extra ordinary award from some of my friends, lots of them gave me this award so i am not going to name them for they already know who they are. And i wanna thank you all guys for remembering me and not failing to give me such wonderful award like this. Thank you so much! Your thoughts are truly appreciated by me.

~~ copy starts here ~~

u got these...

XXtra Ordinary Blogger Award!

"These blog award is intended only for blogger, who has that intense passion for blogging, always there at my BLOG to greet us, and finally the BLOGGER who is simply XXTRA ORDINARY"

1. Pass this to 7 or more of your worthy friends.
2. You can also pass this to the one who gave it to you.
3. Pass this award to only DESERVING bloggers.
4. No rule number four.

~~ copy ends here ~~

And i want to pass this award to all of my friends who's in my lists, please guys grab the award while it is still HOT! lol! Happy Monday everyone!


""rare jonRez"" said...

pwede ni nau darl? nyahaha!
maayong gabii darl. kapoya oi, pobri man kaayo ko oi. saon naman lang ni!

Racel's Moments of My Life said...

hi sweetie, congrats for getting the blog of the day award in PPP, you deserve it!!! will grab also this award! regards!

Jeanne said...

congrat for your award