Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashionista Me

When i was pregnant i talked to my friend that soon after i deliver the baby i am going to find me a job so at least i can support my wants. I don't want to depend to my husband to the personal things that i wanted to buy like for example purses, nice dresses, or lots of shoes. As mostly men couldn't really understand why their wives likes to buy a lot of each things. It's a woman's weakness i must say. No woman could ever resist not to buy at least 2 pairs of shoes, nice purses and nice dresses. I admit that i am one of those fashionista woman, and i want to buy my own things without letting hubby pay for all of it. Yes, hubby is complaining why is that i got a lot shoes and i am still keep on buying. Well, ask other women, see if they only have a pair of shoes in their closet, lol!

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Anonymous said...

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