Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snowing In Spring

One thing that i really don't like having here during springtime in Utah is the snow. Yes, we still get snow here during spring time and i so hate it. The buds started to come out already but then when the snow comes, because it is too cold for the buds to grow, they die instead. It makes me feel bad for the farmers because their fruit trees will start to get some buds and then later on they'll die because they get frozen. Utah weather sure is very unpredictable that's why people here get sick very often due to the sudden weather change. People would be so glad that sun is up and the weather is fine but then a day after or that very night the weather will change from sunny to gloomy then it will snow. I am just hoping that this is the last snow we are going to have because my oldest son is a bit bored inside the house already, he wants to go out and ride his bike but i didn't let him still due to the very unpredictable weather that might make him get sick.

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