Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busted Light Bulb

Hubby and i didn't realized it not until we saw it last night. There were two men rang our door bell and when i opened the door, it was dark and i couldn't see those men's faces. Hubby wondered why our porch light didn't turned on although he already turned the switch on. So he checked it just a little while ago and found out that the light bulb was busted and needs replacement. Well, it's been there since i got here and probably been there for a long long time already. So i told hubby that since that light is now busted, he might as well replace the outdoor wall lantern and i have seen some nice ones at Murray Feiss. Our outdoor wall lantern looks old and dirty already and hardly you can see the glow of the light during at night because it has been covered by dusts. If not for those two men rang the door bell last night, we wouldn't find it out that our porch light is not working anymore.

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