Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hazel Eyes Baby

You might be wondering why i have not been blogging for these past few weeks. It's just because the awaiting moment is finally here. Spring is now here and i am loving it and so as my family. This is the perfect season for me to explore the nature and take lots and lots of photos as much as i can. Flowers are starting to bloom, insects are starting to show and birds are starting to fly and peck some worms by the trees or on the ground. I haven't been able to catch a good shot of birds but i am not giving up yet, and i won't that is for sure. As for now, i have tons of flower photos i got in my archive CD and will shoot more and more.

Aside from taking photos of what nature could offer me, i also make my kiddos as my subjects. They are just fun to take pictures of because it challenges me how they react soon as i point my camera to them. My eldest one hides his face or sometimes runs away soon as he realizes that my camera is pointing at him. The little one grabs my camera when he knows that the camera is right on his face. A very challenging hobby yet it is very fun, and i am learning more everyday. Just take a look at this shot i got, took the eye of my little one without him knowing it, as you can see he is looking straight ahead and not to me. He's got Hazel eyes and i just love staring at his eyes because i myself is wishing i have Hazel eyes like him, lol!

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