Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day Alright!!!

My little potato dialed 911!!! How? Here's the full story:

I picked up the phone from the base when i got up because i saw the phone base was blinking, it means there's voice mail. I woke up a little late because i wasn't able to sleep straight the whole night last night. Keep on waking up and it took me ages before i went back to sleep finally. But anyway, because i got up late, i have to hurry and prepare something for my kiddos. I gave my oldest one a bowl of cold cereal while i put my little potato on the floor so i can make his cereal as well. I didn't realized that i also put the cordless phone on top of our coffee table. My little potato must have grabbed it and played with it. He accidentally dialed the emergency 911 call and must have pushed the TALK button while he was slobbering on the phone. I wasn't aware on it, i grabbed the phone away from him telling him that it's not a toy and didn't pay attention it was on call.

I fed my little potato and suddenly our door bell rang. When i opened the door there was two cops greeted me good morning and asked me if there is something wrong happening why we called 911 emergency call. It got me puzzled, so i told them i didn't call 911 and there is nothing wrong going on inside the house. The one police said, they just barely received the call. So i let them came in to my house just to end their suspicions that something is not right. I checked the phone and to my surprise, there was this last dialed, 911 emergency number!!! Of all the numbers in the whole wide world, my little potato dialed the emergency one!!! What a clever boy he is! So, i asked apology for the two policemen, they really did a great job for checking on us even though it was just an unintentional call. I also thanked them for being such an attentive servicemen. They left and i promised them that our phone should be baby's out of reach so it won't happen again and i really am hoping it will never happen again. This is the very first time that happened to me since i got here in America, my oldest one never did this to me, only this little potato of mine, freaking scary! He got scared the heck out of me, lol!

But anyway, did you get FOOLED???? Well, me too!!! A little after that, i woke up. I got fooled by my own dream too. I am so glad it was just all a dream and it wasn't real. I really thought it was, because it seemed like it was really happening... My heart was pumping really fast soon as i got up. I really am hoping now that my dream won't happen in reality because if it will, i might panic because i have never called emergency 911 yet for my kids or my kids dialed the number to get some help because i passed out or something lol! But since today is April Fools Day, i would like to grab the opportunity to give you warnings that BEWARE of APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!!!

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